Parker Road Sewer

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March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020

PROJECT: Parker Road Sewer


Project Details:

Owner – Erie County Department of Environmental Planning

General Contractor – Kandey Company, Inc.

Contract Value – $350,000

Year – 2019

Scope – Due to wash out of an existing elevated sewer support pier that ultimately settled the 24” PCCP sewer main, Kandey was the low bidder on this project to perform the following.

  • Mobilize, clear and grub access road and area around settled pipe
  • Build new gravel access road approximately 3500 LF + from Parker Road through field and woods to settled pipe area
  • Re work stream and culverts around existing and new support piers including placement of light and medium duty stone
  • Cast in place new support pier foundation and new steel fabricated pipe support
  • Set up bypass of elevated sewer, rig and lift existing 24” PCCP sewer to design elevation, install new steel support and lower 24” PCCP on to support.
  • Set up bypass and remove section of existing 8” sanitary sewer exposed within stream in separate location, install new 8” PVC sewer and encase with concrete within stream area.
  • Reroute stream and place gabion baskets and light duty stone in stream area where 8” sewer was encased.