Replacement of Bailey Avenue Bridges

Culvert Replacement over Slippery Rock Creek
August 27, 2018
Lime Lake Sewer District (Intermediate Pump Station)
September 18, 2018

PROJECT: Replacement of Bailey Avenue Bridges

Project Details:
Owner – City of Buffalo
General Contractor – Union Concrete Corp
Contract Value – $1.6 Million
Year – 2017
Scope – As a team member of Union Concrete Corp, a reputable local road & bridge contractor, Kandey was subcontracted for the relocation of the existing new 36” water main.
There were two bridges that crossed the Cazenovia Creek & Buffalo River where Kandey installed a 36” welded steel pre insulated main across both of these bridges.
Once bridge piping was complete, Kandey then installed the 36” restrained ductile iron pipe and appurtenances between the two bridges and north and south sides including interconnections.